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Your best smart life gadgets for 2018

The world is going through a rapid tech boom, where towns are turning into smart cities, humanoids are being called as guests on celebrity chat shows, and artificial intelligence isn’t just something you see in sci-fi movies.

The future is now, or so they all say.In this era of a widespread tech civilisation taking over the world and making lives convenient and fascinating at the same time, it is paramount to “keep up” (as most millennial kids would tell their poor old parents).

There has been active digitisation in almost all spectrums. Starting from home appliances to travel, every sphere of life you can think of can be associated with technological gadgets that can enhance your experience, or simply make it more efficient. Gone are the days when tech was just limited to phones and laptops. Comex this year was

clearly an eye-opening example of how much science has evolved, to gift us with some mind-blowing implements.

Here are some of the gadgets you can use at home that you need to look out for:

Rechargeable toothbrush

Rechargeable toothbrush

Arguably, we have all become lazy and spoilt with the advent of technology. So much so, that the simple task of brushing our teeth first thing in the morning might seem like a bit of a task. Here’s a toothbrush that can do some of the work for you. The battery-operated rechargeable toothbrush has bristles that vibrate and rotate, and all you have to do is just hold it in place. Many dentists claim that these do a better job at cleaning your teeth, as not a lot of people have really mastered the technique of brushing in the most effective and hygienic way.

Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods

It’s time to dump the circular earphones that won’t fit in your ears and keep falling off. Most people were happy with the Apple earphones made to fit the ear according to its shape, but the latest advancement that is the rage now are the AirPods. Once in the case, they start charging, once out of the box, they automatically connect to the Apple device (iPhone, watch, iPod, etc). Once they’re in your ears, music starts playing and once they’re out, it stops. And the best part is that they are wireless. Smart and hassle-free, they’re a must-have.

Fire TV Stick Vertical

Fire TV stick

For all those who are glued to their televisions and want to take their idiot boxes everywhere they go, there’s an easier solution. The Amazon Fire TV Stick can store all your movies, series, music, and games and be connected to the HDMI port of any television set. It comes with a remote, so don’t stress about changing channels.



It’s time to move on from smartphones to smart homes. And a step towards this would be to own an Echo speaker that will feel like the perfect help you need at home.

Apart from acting as a speaker, which by the way, responds to your voice, it can be integrated to your smart home products and controlled, you can make a shopping or to-do list and set other reminders, browse and search the web for those instantaneous doubts and get them cleared, and even get weather updates. Basically, it is going to be like a member of your family, just smarter that most of them.

Samsung S9 and S9

Samsung S9 and S9+

Is this smartphone worth the hype? You bet. It’s everything a gadget lover could ever dream of. Great low-light camera functions, high-end build, great filmmaking capabilities, stereo speakers, and dubbed as the fastest android to date, to name a few. It’s sure giving other brands a run for their money.

Tracking device

Tracking device

If you’re looking for your phone, which is lost somewhere in your bag, all you have to do is call it and find it. What if you lose your keys or wallet? Now, you won’t have to resort to the good old ways of putting everyone around you on a treasure hunt mission to track them down. Instead, you can just use a Bluetooth tracking device such as the TrackR to find the misplaced valuable. Basically, you pair the tracker with your phone and attach it to an item you are most likely to lose.

Over time, when it is lost, use an app to find it and it will emit a noise that will help you find it. These aren’t GPS trackers and work solely based on noise signals caused by the Bluetooth connection. Also the range is usually only 200 metres, so don’t expect it to start ringing if your wallet has been stolen and taken to another country.

Tracking device

HTC Vive

If you’re looking for the ultimate VR experience, then look for no other than the new HTC Vive. The Vive is one of the most talked about VR headsets at the moment. Why you ask? It sports intuitive controllers, and the resolution is magnificent. The device offers premium virtual reality for those who love a little bit of adventure.

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