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Video Games and Blockchain – the Future of Gaming?

Video Games and Blockchain - the Future of Gaming?As someone in their late 30’s, I remember the so-called “glory days” of video gaming quite vividly. The future of gaming was far from my mind back then, during the era of the Super Nintendo, the Sega Mega Drive, and the handheld wonder that was the Game Boy.

Although times have most certainly changed since then, the enjoyment to be gained from playing the latest game hasn’t, and while I look back on those early days with no small level of nostalgia, I prefer to look forward and see where the future of gaming may be headed.

In my opinion, that answer involves blockchain technology.

A gaming version of Netflix

According to newzoo.com, there are over 2.2 billion active gamers on the planet, across numerous platforms, genres and technologies, all created by thousands of different developers.

The truth is, gaming has become something of an overwhelming hobby for most players, with an unlimited number of games to choose from, spread across different consoles.

Now, imagine a distributed ledger system not all that different from Netflix.

Gamers would have a simple, easy to understand platform on which they can choose games depending on their specifications and preferences, and where developers can get the much-deserved credit for putting the games together.

This would open gamers up to titles that they otherwise wouldn’t have considered, as the majority of gaming purchases are dictated by which company can afford the marketing and promotional budget required to get their title in magazine advertisements and on television.

A distributed ledger system would allow gamers to upvote and downvote games depending on their experiences and would create a more even playing field and a more extensive range of options for gamers.

Backward compatibility

It would also be an idea to create an algorithm that allows for “backward compatibility,” which is something, as a gamer, that I find terribly annoying.

This kind of system would keep older games alive for longer, and would, in turn, provide developers of such games with a broader catalog of compensation.

Everyone would win.

An excellent example of the future of gaming is the very first blockchain-based eSports multiplayer strategy game called Gods Unchained.

The creation of Fuel Bros, who are also responsible for the EtherBots game Gods Unchained, is expected to do big things according to Tyler Perkins, CMO of Fuel Bros –

“Etherbots taught us there was a huge demand for games to use distributed ledgers like Ethereum, regardless of the friction encountered by using such new and experimental technologies.”

“We decided to build Gods Unchained because we felt based on what we had learned that we could provide a high-quality, competitive gaming experience to actually show the disruptive benefits of the technology.”

Blockchain technologies are disrupting industries all across the world, and there’s absolutely no reason why the future of gaming should be any different.

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