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Keepsafe announces new app for private browsing on Android and iOS

Privacy issues continue to hog the headlines in light of the Facebook data scandal and the recent enforcement of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation. To help protect your privacy while browsing the web, Keepsafe has introduced its new eponymous browser for iOS and Android devices.

At its core, the Keepsafe browser is designed to let you keep your browsing history confidential and provide you personalized controls over the app. To that end, Keepsafe allows you to secure the mobile browser with a PIN code which also supports Touch ID, Face ID, and Android Fingerprint. You can also choose whether to remove or store cookies and URLs in the app.

It’s easy to see whether a tab is in normal or incognito mode: a white tab stores cookies, cache, and URLs locally while a purple tab removes the session data once you close the browser. The Keepsafe browser also features ad blockers to prevent ads, social networks, analytics, and content services from tracking your web activities.

The browser is the newest addition to Keepsafe’s suite of privacy apps including Photo Vault for protecting personal photos, VPN for encrypting web activities, Unlisted for obtaining new phone numbers for private texts and calls, and App Lock for securing applications.

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