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Is Instagram down? App and website stop working around the world

Instagram has gone down across the world and people are not happy about it

Instagram is down and people around the world have claimed they are unable to load their news feed or view pictures.

The problems were spread across the globe, with reports of the outage coming from the UK, US Europe and Japan, according to the website Down Detector.

Users said they were unable to log into their accounts or see all their friends’ latest selfies.

‘I’ve logged out both my accounts and can’t log in, nothing comes up on the actual Instagram website either,’ one user wrote.

Says I need to refresh feed. Won’t load at all. Very annoying,’ another added.

To numb the pain, photo fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts using the hashtag #instagramdown.

A map of the countries affected by the Insta meltdown (Graphic: Down Detector)

‘When Instagram is down so you check twitter to make sure you’re not alone! How will I procrastinate now?’ one person wrote.

‘Somebody tell Instagram that its down right now and I can’t check what the rich are eating,’ another Twitterer tweeted.

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