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How To Do Online Customer Research In 2018 – Complete Guide

Everyone will tell you that you to need to research your potential customers, but no one tells you much about how to do it. It doesn’t matter whether you are in a small organization or in a large company, you will need to perform good prospect research. We often wonder where to begin and how to add the useful details to shadowy groups that are known as potential customers.

In order to help you to get started here is a list of the seven easy ways to learn about your prospects.

Here Are The 7 Ways To Research Your Potential Customers Online In 2018 :

1. Study Your Web Analytics

There is a lot of the data which is accessible to you through your web analytics but with this, you’re also using to learn the more about your buyers and the others with the shared values and also the interests?

You may ask yourself such questions like as :

  • What were the keywords they did they use to find you?
  • How long did they stay?
  • What are the different patterns of the visitor behaviors?
  • Where do they go while on the site?
  •  What are content formats the most popular?
  • Where do they will come from?
  • Do these all patterns will tell you anything about where your customers are in their buying process, or what content is the most effective at the different stages of their buyer’s process?

You can easily use this information in order to improve your website and the landing pages for the attraction of others in the same services, change issues and the products.

2. Use Google Alerts, Mentions Or Talkwalker Alerts

Are you leveraging the wealth of information which is available online in order to gather more information about the customers, purchasing patterns and the prospective buyers? If not, then you should. I guide you that you have to go to the www.google.com/alerts in order to create an alert for each company or the behavior and then select the frequency for the notifications which you want to receive, but same as the google alerts become unreliable over the past few years.

Whichever the alert services you are using, you have to preview the results in order to be sure that your search parameters were set already. If your prospect is a publicly traded company or the small business which is active in their local community, you will quickly learn about their new initiatives, activities and the interests. If you are trying to monitor the behavior of the tech buyers.

For example, The google alert will let you know that whenever the new search is published.

For the marketers, it is a perfect opportunity to monitor the key trends, specific prospects, and the customers. [ You have to make sure to send the note of congratulations if for an example you see an existing customer or the prospect wins an award ].

3. Use Your Competitors

It is not only to do your customers which have an access to more information than ever before but so do you! The one way to get the great insights into your buyers is that to study the research or the case studies which your competitors have published. Reviewing of the case studies might help you in the better understanding of your prospect, as well as why they may have chosen your competitors over you in the past. In addition to this the following competition, follow the industry analyst blogs and the reports.

4. Interview Of The Current Customers

I know that this may look obvious to you but on the other side just think that when was the last time you talked to your customers at any length? They are a perfect resource because they have purchased the product or the service and also are relatively accessible to you. By interviewing your customers will not only give you the insight but on the other hand, it will give you the insight into their decision-making process, it will also be able to be a great opportunity to gather the content for a case study. By offering this thing you have to prepare and promote a joint case study which can be a win for the both you and as well as for your customers. In addition to these to talking about your customers one-on-one and can also consider the surveying prospects or conducting the focus groups [ The subject of a future blog post ]. Your goal is to identify the common interests, challenges and the informational sources.

You have to be careful though. Remember that especially for the professional services firms and the nonprofits, each client and the customer is unique. It can also be tempting to project the opinions and the behaviors of a favorite nonprofit client into every other nonprofit and also go very astray.

5. Leverage The Professional Social Networks

You have to make use of the major professional networks [ Like Quora and LinkedIn ], and try to find the other industry-specific networks where your prospects might be. These all are the networks which have a great opportunity for the listening and the engaging. They will easily help you in the better understanding of the daily challenges or the successes of your prospects which have and in many cases which will give you the opportunity to ask the questions to that community and also get the real and the thoughtful response. These all networks were also a great way to change the data which you already have with you about the peoples and see how they were connected to the other peoples within their own organizations or whim you know.

6. Observations

The observation is also a great way to find the research your customer. When you observe your customers in action by the videotaping them into the stores, at home, at the office or you can also observe that how they will buy or use the particular product. This thing will give you a more accurate picture of the customers’ daily usage habits and also the shopping patterns.

7. Focus Groups

In the focus groups, there is a moderator which uses a scripted series of the questions or the topics which will lead to a discussion among the group of different peoples. These sessions will take place at a neutral location, usually at the facilities with an videotaping equipment and also an observation room with a one-way mirror. A focus group has usually lasted the one to two hours and it will take at least three groups to get the balanced results.


I hope you like all these points and now with the help of these points, you will easily do the customers research online. If you like this article then don’t forget to share this article on your social profiles. If you have had success with a technique, or something is left out, please share your feedback in the comments section below.

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