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Gamified Onboarding Processes

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Every time we meet with more demands from different companies that ask us Apps for their welcome and training programs for those new employees who come to their companies.

It is true that the period of adjustment of a worker until it becomes productive is important, we can understand that the first month is basically contact with the new environment and there is the new employee quite disoriented, but depending on the position and requirements we can talk about 6 months to a year until we get an employee to feel comfortable and safe in his new job.

This is why companies, increasingly, see a need for support to these new employees, so they know the company, its dynamics, opportunities, can find values ​​in it that can match theirs and ultimately make that period of adaptation, and that during the same period, greater knowledge about the company is achieved.

One can think “And is not it the obligation of the new employee to adapt to the position and investigate the dynamics of the company?” Indeed that proactivity is very valuable and about it they speak.

While it is clear that the attitude of our new worker is essential and that is something that should have been evaluated in the interviews prior to their incorporation, it is also true that a guide is always necessary to help this process of incorporation.

How do we carry out this process then? The truth is that until now, except for honorable exceptions, the employee was quite alone in his position, with help (not always) from the person he was going to replace, the support of his boss if he was available and from some other partner or less willing to solve doubts. This is a major problem since the partners usually have a large workload and can barely take the time to train you correctly, not to mention that the one who trains the new worker may not have enough tools to train someone and does so. His bad habits or erroneous dynamics to the unfortunate rookie.

The other issue is that the new employee investigate on the company’s website, ask his colleagues, etc. But this is not easy either, nor very motivating. If after 8 hours in the position learning how to handle it, we ask you to stick to the corporate website and devote precious time to read infinite PDFs with legal and regulatory content of the company, it is normal that you do not read it or if he does so transversally, so in the end he cannot find the answers he was looking for.

All these problems are largely solved when a Welcome program is created, but this carries an important associated cost, therefore all those mechanisms that achieve better access to employees, that generate less work for trainers or support personnel. And that they can in a certain way be automated will be a great value.

This is where we enter an App or web to support the welcome program, and why use an App and also gamified? Well for different reasons, but especially to help us in different points.

Make the vast majority of employees use it.

  • Being an App, access is at any time and place.
  • Being a nice interface with game dynamics and it can be developed through game app developers, you invite users to use it.

Remove load on the trainers.

  • With an App, you remove the level of attention that face-to-face training requires.
  • With the reward systems (medals and points) you get the users to make a bigger effort.

Enter information pearls.

  • It gives us the opportunity to introduce pearls of fundamental information as we browse the different areas of the App, we can introduce contents that we believe to be of vital importance to the company and present them in a more attractive way (information in cascade) within the application of what we it would be passing them a PDF or a link to the corporate website.

Generate casual work dynamics.

  • Introducing different tools such as Quiz, simple missions, small “exams” within the application, etc. We get the user to work on the content we think is necessary.

Indicate the actions we want in new employees

    • Through the system of missions and badges we tell the employee what we expect from them, the more personalized the application, the more specific to each need per position, we will be able to define more the capacities that each employee requires and encourage that they work with the application.


  • Open the possibility to future training in this line.


  • When entering the employee with a gamified tool for training, it is easy to be proactive to future training using this system that is something that is increasingly being promoted in more companies.

These points are just a sample of the advantages of a gamified App as a tool to support a welcome plan. I think it’s worth having them in mind since it can add value to any company.

We must also bear in mind that, as Pete Jenkins commented in GWC2016, we have a problem when the one who has to train you does not have time to do so. An App can help, but a guide is needed for these new values ​​that have entered our company.

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