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Does Your Company Need Cyber Security Experts?

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If you are a business owner and have not considered your cyber security, you could be heading for a serious fall. Hacking and malware costs companies millions of pounds per year but there are certain things you can do to reduce the risk. The risk not only comes from hackers stealing financial details or personal information but also the downtime and ultimately the lack of productivity whilst the issue is rectified. I would encourage any business to contact a cyber security as soon as possible before an issue arises. For those who don’t know what cyber security experts do, I’ve listed a few of their core areas below.

  • Access Control 
  • Authentication
  • Password Settings
  • Device Fingerprint
  • Data Security
  • Penetration Testing
  • Security Governance and Advisory
  • Security Compliance
  • Cyber Incident Management
  • Managed Security Services
  • Security Testing and Assurance
  • Education and Training

The above list is just a mere snapshot of the services that specialist firms offer, there are many more depending on your business needs. Australian cyber security companies like CXO Security offer a full range of cyber security services and operate to the highest standards.

Cyber Security Solutions for SME’s

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If you have a small to medium sized business, your cyber security needs will invariably be different to a large multinational company but there are still elements to consider to ensure your business operates at an optimum level. You can install antivirus software, maybe add a firewall and urge your employees to use strong passwords but how do you know you’re not missing anything? To alleviate all of the security risks, you need to know the industry inside out and that’s where the cyber security experts come in. You will need to pay for these professional services but when compared to the overall cost of a security breach, it could prove to be a worthy investment. Upon your first consultation with a cyber security firm, they will assess your needs and suggest an effective strategy. 

Cyber Threats of the Future

There have been a number of well publicised cyber security breaches in recent years, with one of the most common being malicious software that shuts down a computer system and then demands a ransom to unlock it. These are generally known as ransomware attacks and every business in the world is a target for hackers with malicious intent. Aside from the usual tasks carried out by cyber security companies, they must also try to stay one step ahead of the hackers, to coin a phrase, ‘A game of cat and mouse’. 

As the hackers become more sophisticated in their methods, the cyber security experts must keep up their knowledge in order to repel them. In fact, many companies and even government departments have hired convicted hackers as a means to repel active malicious hackers.

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To conclude, if your business uses the internet in any form for your day to day tasks, you are at risk of being hacked. The best course of action, if you are not sure what measures need to be taken in relation to your cyber security, is to contact a company with the necessary experience and expertise to assess your needs and provide you with a sound cyber security strategy. If you are asking yourself ‘Do I need to hire a cyber security expert for my business’? The answer is yes and the sooner the better. 

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