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BMW and Lexus look to car subscriptions – TechCrunch

More automakers will soon offer vehicles through subscription services. Lexus today announced its upcoming UX crossover would be available through one and Bloomberg published a report today stating BMW is about to announce a subscription pilot. These automakers join a growing list of makers offering models through new financing vehicles. …

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Eat Your Heart Out, Sammy Hagar: 2019 Honda Insight Can Drive 55 … MPG | News

<meta itemprop=”width” content=”1170″> <meta itemprop=”height” content=”1170″> 2019 Honda Insight Manufacturer image Competes with: Toyota Prius, full stop. Don’t all hybrid sedans? Looks like: A Civic for folks with less attitude and more money Drivetrain: Gasoline-electric hybrid system with 1.5-liter four-cylinder, two electric motors and no conventional transmission, putting out a …

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Dropbox up another 7% on day two – TechCrunch

Dropbox’s surge on the stock market has continued, with the company going up another 7% on its second day on the stock market. The company saw its shares close at $30.45, giving the company about a $13 billion market cap, fully diluted. When it priced its IPO, there was a …

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Regulation could protect Facebook, not punish it

You know what tech startups hate? Complicated legal compliance. The problem is, Facebook isn’t a startup any more, but its competitors are. There have been plenty of calls from congress and critics to regulate Facebook following the election interference scandal and now the Cambridge Analytica debacle. The government could require …

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7 much scarier questions for Zuckerberg

Did Cambridge Analytica attain other ill-gotten Facebook Data? Josh Constine @ / 7 hours Could this be just the beginning of a much bigger Cambridge Analytica scandal for Facebook? The answer rides on how transparent Facebook is actually being right now. CEO Mark Zuckerberg put forth a statement and plan …

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