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Razer Blade Stealth 3 pound Kaby Lake-R notebook review

PC gaming company Razer is a relative newcomer to the laptop space, having released its first notebook computer in 2013. But Razer has been making gaming accessories for years, and the company has leveraged its expertise to crank out a series of well-received portable computers with premium features (and price …

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Are eGPUs Worth It for Low-End Graphics Cards?

As the market for external GPU enclosures for laptops expands, it has become easier to see the appeal of extending the power of your ultraportable laptop. It’s also more tempting to jump right in and buy your first enclosure. However, with the current inflated prices for GPUs, it might be …

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Goldwheat Mouse Pad Large Neoprene Gaming Mouse Pad Office Desk Mouse Mat for Laptop/Computer,Non-slip Rubber Base Stitched Edge-35.4″x 15.7″

Price: (as of – Details) At competitive levels, a gaming grade mouse pad is a must have. Gameplay revolves around split second twitch reactions and pinpoint cursor accuracy. One misclick or missed headshot could lose a match. A high-quality mouse surface will promote fast, consistent cursor movement. This consistency allows …

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