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How authors are gaming Amazon’s algorithms with 3000-page books

But how many pages did you really read?Michael Flippo/Alamy Stock Photo By Jacob Aron Romance fans browsing Amazon for their latest steamy read are increasingly being offered virtual door-stoppers at bargain basement prices. But some authors say these self-published ebooks, which run for thousands of pages, are a money-making scam …

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Android gaming phones have a lot of growing up to do

Gaming and Android have never been bigger. Nvidia’s CEO said at Computex this week that he fully expects every person on the planet to eventually be a gamer, and Android phones have taken over from Windows PCs as the most-used method for humans to access the web. Putting the two …

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BGOA stunned at gaming house tax hike – EyeWitness News

The Bahamas Gaming Operators Association (BGOA) said it is stunned and appalled by the government’s budget communication Wednesday, as it announced drastic increases in taxes for operators in the domestic gaming industry. “It represents a very unfortunate day in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, to see a government blatantly discriminate …

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Gaimin Lets You Mine Crypto From a Gaming PC

Manchester, UK-based Gaimin.io has launched its AI-driven, crypto mining software platform, which promises to allow gamers to direct unused computing resources to passive mining of crypto assets, without affecting gaming performance, and without the need for any specialized crypto mining knowledge. In a statement on Wednesday, Gaimin explained that its …

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Gaming has gone mainstream, but it still has room to grow

The global games market is expected to grow from $137.9 billion in 2018 to more than $180.1 billion in 2021, according to market researcher Newzoo. The world has about 2 billion gamers now thanks to mobile gaming, which now accounts for half of all revenues. Just how big is this party …

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Gaming plays out as €1.25bn industry

By John Daly If the names Ross Boomsocks, Gross Gore, and Rezone mean nothing to you, it’s probably because of your age. They are some of the video-game monikers adopted by leading players in the eSports industry, one of the world’s fastest-growing entertainment sectors. It is estimated that it will be …

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