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Smart Home Gadgets to Combat Allergens

If the return of warm weather has you weeping—and not just tears of joy—then it may be time to invest in some intelligent allergy fighting technology. Below we’ve identified a few smart home devices that will keep your domicile comfortable—and breathable—regardless of season. Forewarned is forearmed, and with the AlerSense …

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10 Best summer gadgets you need to buy now

For many, summer is the best time of year. School is out, families go on vacation, there is baseball every night and barbecues get fired up all over the country. During these months the world is very much our oyster, with opportunities only limited by the edges of our imagination. …

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Best Star Wars gifts and gadgets

IT’S MAY THE 4TH, a day on which Star Wars fans celebrate all there is in the galaxy far, far away. This is a global holiday, so chances are you will hear someone say “May the Force/fourth be with you” today. You might also see memes being shared across the …

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Your best smart life gadgets for 2018

The world is going through a rapid tech boom, where towns are turning into smart cities, humanoids are being called as guests on celebrity chat shows, and artificial intelligence isn’t just something you see in sci-fi movies. The future is now, or so they all say.In this era of a …

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