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Apple is “Sorry” its MacBook Pro Keyboards Suck

Back in 2015, Apple made the MacBook so thin that they could no longer use the traditional keyboard and instead opted for their own design, what they called a butterfly-switch keyboard. These keyboards replaced the traditional spring mechanism underneath the keys with a butterfly-style mechanism that not only reduced the …

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Gadgets that will keep you warm

October’s nearly over, and the temperatures for many of us are continuing to drop. We’re busting out the heavier fall wear with comfortable hoodies, wearing our favorite boots, and sipping on delicious pumpkin spice-flavored treats. We’re also starting to contend with all the other, more unfavorable things that come along …

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5 Smart Gadgets You Didn’t Know Your Home Needed

It’s time for homes to get smart too (Image Credit (L): Pet Cube (R): Amazon) Homes really aren’t what they used to be. To keep up with the times of smart watches and 4K TVs, homes too have gotten smarter and more innovative. And it isn’t only for the sake …

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