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ZenGo wants to become the crypto wallet for the masses

KZen is about to release ZenGo, a mobile app to manage your cryptocurrencies securely and more easily. There are already countless crypto wallets out there, but the startup thinks they’re all either too complicated or too insecure. If you own cryptocurrencies, chances are they’re sitting on an exchange, such as …

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Toddler locks iPad for 25 million minutes

CLOSE USA TODAY consumer editor Michelle Maltais and Common Sense Media executive editor Sierra Filucci share ways to manage your household’s attachment to media and electronic devices. USA TODAY A 3-year-old boy tried to unlock his family’s iPad this weekend. He ended up disabling it for nearly 50 years. The …

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Nintendo Switch Online’s April NES Games Revealed

Three more classics have been revealed for Nintendo Switch’s Online service. April 10th is the day to look forward to, as Super Mario Bros. : The Lost Levels, Punch Out!! And Star Soldier are coming to the platform for all subscribers. 1987’s Punch Out is one of the most iconic …

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Epic have Teased a Possible Event for Fortnite

Epic have just teased a possible event coming to Fortnite. Epic are continuously making changes to Fortnite, especially the Fortnite map and one of the ways they do this is by having events. They have just posted an image on all of their social media accounts the following: Fortnite Teaser …

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Apple is “Sorry” its MacBook Pro Keyboards Suck

Back in 2015, Apple made the MacBook so thin that they could no longer use the traditional keyboard and instead opted for their own design, what they called a butterfly-switch keyboard. These keyboards replaced the traditional spring mechanism underneath the keys with a butterfly-style mechanism that not only reduced the …

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