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Luminosity Gaming Shut Down Any Link to OpTic CoD Players Following Rostermania Rumors

The Luminosity Gaming organization quickly shut down any link to OpTic Call of Duty players following various rumors across the scene.

Rumors have been flying among the competitive Call of Duty scene in regards to the possibility of the OpTic Gaming roster splitting up following poor placements throughout the WWII season, with a collection of different possibilities surrounding the future of the team.

Community members have been in a frenzy to find out more information concerning the OpTic CoD roster after an anonymous Reddit user claimed to have inside knowledge regarding the team potentially breaking up.

Although no proof has been given to confirm the identity of the mysterious poster, their accuracy in reporting various roster changes between Stage One of the Pro League and CWL Seattle brings a sense of legitimacy to their claim.

Following the Reddit post, Land0, a Call of Duty commentator and host, revealed that sources told him Luminosity and OpTic Gaming have potentially been in the early stages of discussion to acquire players, including the likes of Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow and Matthew ‘FormaL’ Piper.

However, the Luminosity Twitter account was quick to shut down any link between themselves and OpTic Gaming players, stating that Land0’s claims were based off an ‘imaginary conversation.


Although Luminosity dismissed any rumors between themselves and OpTic Gaming, it should be noted that organizations have used diversion tactics in the past to shut down claims, however, it is unknown at the time of writing if this is the case.

We will continue to provide updates on the story as more information is made available.


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