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How to Dual Boot Windows

For most people, running one operating system on their PC or laptop is enough, but in some instances it can come in handy to have two separate versions on a PC. This may be due to specific software that only works with an older release of Windows,  or maybe you …

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With Ataribox, the legend returns — powered by Linux

Ataribox Have you played Atari today? Once a jingle’s catchphrase as well as a legitimate query, a resurrected version of the brand is hoping you’ll soon be asking that question again with the forthcoming Ataribox. Available to pre-order on Thursday for a special price via an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, the …

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Help Me, Laptop: Are Clevo Laptops Good?

If you’re in the gaming laptop market, you’ve probably heard of the mainstays: MSI, Asus’ Republic of Gamers, Acer’s Predator, Gigabyte, Aorus and more. But in our forums, user amadeok asked about Clevo. “Are [Clevo laptops] good quality?” amadeok asked. “Do their components fail often?” To answer that …

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The year in crowdfunded PCs: Who succeeded? Who failed?

Planet Computers Gemini PDA The ever-maturing PC industry hasn’t deterred manufacturers large and small from embracing crowdfunding as a method of bringing new systems to market, whether they need the funds to produce their new product, or just want to gain publicity and guarantee some upfront sales. Not every launch …

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