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Apple Releases Security Updates for MacOS, iOS, and Safari

Apple has released earlier today a quick batch of updates meant to fix security-related bugs in macOS, iOS, and the Safari browser. All the bugs in these three products have been reported by four security researchers —Ivan Fratric of Google Project Zero; Richard Zhu (fluorescence) working with Trend Micro’s Zero …

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Apple’s iOS 11.3 Unlocks Progressive Web App Features to Fully Engage the Nearly Two Thirds of Mobile Shoppers on Ecommerce Sites that are on iOS

Mobile Ecommerce revenue share by operating system Retailers can drive more revenue with Safar’s support for service workers, a key technology for Progressive Web Apps. More than 65% of mobile orders come from iOS. Mobify VANCOUVER, British Columbia, April 24, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — With 61.9% of mobile users and …

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iOS: Use iOS Restrictions to Lock Down Your iPhone

This is a follow-up to our stolen iPhone guide. Another preventative measure you can take is enabling iOS Restrictions. Originally designed as a parental lock feature, Restrictions let you prevent changes to certain aspects of iOS. [Stolen iPhone Guide: What You Can Do if Your iPhone is Stolen] Turning on …

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iOS 12 May Be Coming to Your iPhone 5s

iOS: If you’re still holding on to an old iPhone 5S, you’re in luck: Apple might allow you to upgrade the five-year-old smartphone to iOS 12 when it rolls out later this year. The news comes as a result of some code spotted in WebKit, the browser engine that powers …

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eBay announces its new update for its iOS and Android apps

eBay has announced its new update for iOS and Android apps, aimed to simplify its item listing process. The app update will allow sellers to quickly scan the box for an update using its new barcode scanner, as well as to select a condition and click “list your item”. The barcode scanner will …

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Why I Turned to Feedless for iOS

Losing focus on whatever you were doing, and possibly alienating the people you’re hanging out with — or missing details in the TV show you’re “watching” or the sporting event you’re attending — is the most frequent way I see social media addiction rearing its head in real life. Feedless, …

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