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How Intel’s 8th-gen CPUs will affect budget gaming laptops

Intel’s 8th-gen “Coffee Lake” mobile CPUs arrived en masse this month, packing more cores and higher performance than ever before. What does that mean for budget gaming laptops? If you’ve been waiting for the prices of gaming laptops to plunge now that next-gen processors are here, prepare to be a …

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Voice Recognition, AI Boosting Automotive Industry Growth

“…we’re already starting to see the arrival of electric cars featuring sophisticated technologies such as facial recognition, helping to market the vehicles not just as environmentally friendly but the next technological leap in automotive innovation.” The growing role of IT in cars will deliver some major opportunities over the next …

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Latest Entry Level iPad Adds Support for Useful Apple Pencil

Apple’s latest entry-level iPad adds support for a useful add-on: The Apple Pencil. Can you believe the iPad has been around for eight years now? Apple recently revamped their $329 entry-level iPad with a few new improvements, notably a faster processor and support for the Apple Pencil. Apple Pencil isn’t …

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